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To complete your order for a Glamorous Mothers' Ring you will need to provide the following information.  Follow steps 1 thru 5 and record your choices.  At the bottom of this page you will find images and charts that will help. Ordering by phone ensures that these intricate Rings are processed accurately - contact us via info below, or use our shopping cart below to place your order online.



Ring Info: glamorous mothers rings have 5 stones, the 3 round stones are 10pt., and the 2 square princess cut stones are 2.75mm.  Ring is 2.75mm wide at front center.

1) Select your choice of Gold Color White Gold or Yellow Gold
(does not affect price)
2) Select Gold/Stone Combination        14K Ring w/ Synthetic Stones
14K Ring w/ Genuine Stones
10K Ring w/ Synthetic Stones
10K Ring w/ Genuine Stones 
(syn. and gen. stones cannot be mixed on one ring)
3) Select Ring Size 5 thru 12.0 in full and half sizes
(does not affect price)
4) Select Positions for the five Stones
-see charts below-
Select the position of the 5 stones (3 round stones and 2 square stones) you choose using the Stone Position Chart below, based on your preference of synthetic or genuine stones.
ie: position #1 ruby, #2 emerald, #3 ruby, #4 emerald, #5 ruby
(does not affect price unless you choose a diamond upgrade)
5) Decide on your Text Personalized Information. Glamorous rings have 4 text areas.
-see charts below-
There are 4 areas that can be engraved, one on each side of the ring and one on each outer wall. 
ie: #1 - DENNIS, #2 STEPHANIE, #3 we love you very much, #4 july 25, 2005.
(does not affect price)
Diamond upgrades are available for the round, and square princess stones. The 3 round stones are $120.00 per stone to upgrade to diamonds and the 2 princess stones are $145.00 per stone to upgrade to diamonds.

(although rings may be returnable and/or cancelable, a $50 fee will apply - please order carefully)
Most Mothers Rings take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
They are shipped direct from the manufacturer in a ring box and cannot be gift wrapped.


when ordering more than 1 mothers ring, change quantity to desired number, then enter all the names, dates, and stones together in the same form - separated by commas.
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There are 5 positions for which to select stones, and 4 positions for text areas which can be personalized with names, birthdates or messages. Text fields 1 and 2 each allow a maximum of 12 characters; text fields 3 and 4 each allow a maximum of 21 characters.  Script font is used, and text areas may be left blank. (does not affect price)
stone position chart for Glamouous Ring

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