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Unique Baby Gift
baby gift baskets, blankets and layette sets.

When it comes to baby gift baskets and unique baby gift - adorable baby gifts offers the most unique!

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 My First Baby Set - the perfect doll to love! Great Big Sister gift... Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!

whoozit unique baby gift basket -babies will love developmental soft textures, hidden rattles and hide & seek legs... Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!

whoozit baby gifts basket

Kissy Kissy  Gingham Accessory Basket Set - classic and sweet, just like a newborn baby! Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!  !

Minky Tabbie Lovie - a baby gift must have for every posh baby ! Luxuriously soft luscious mint green minky... Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!

gund tender beginnings blanket pink

Gund Tender Beginnings Minky Blanket- a beautiful gift to welcome that newborn into the world. Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!

Gund Tender Beginnings represents quality and these blankets say POSH! Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!

gund tender beginnings blanket blue

Gund My First teddy huggybuddy - sure to be baby's favorite security blanket...Click photo for detail or to buy unique baby gift!

Nature Gift Basket -every child loves nature and here is a colorful baby gift basket to nurture that love. Click photo for detail or to buy best baby gifts!  





 BABY GIFTS PAGE 1:    1  ||  2  ||  3

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Unique Baby Gifts

Unique baby gifts are so important in today's world where all things are available on the internet and you see the same things repeated on many websites. In the stores it is even harder to find unique baby gifts unless someone local has made a unique product and is selling it through that store.

There are several things you can do to insure that the baby gift you give is really unique. But the first thing to consider about unique baby gift giving is how well you know the gift recipient. If the answer is “not very well”, consider more traditional baby gifts such as a newborn baby gifts basket of toys, or a classic newborn outfit. If the unique baby gift recipient is a good friend or relative, be wild and give something special, like a complete baby gifts bedroom set of cow print baby blanket, pillow and travel silky personalized with baby’s name.

Traditional baby gifts are always a safe bet. Receiving blankets, which are something every new baby needs, can come in soft cottons, chenille, or hand knitted blankets. And they do make a great unique baby gift. Choose one that is more unique, perhaps a hand made quilt, and then make it become one of the really special best baby gifts with baby’s name and birth date monogrammed in the corner.

Another traditional unique baby gift is the gift of sterling silver. Choose from bracelets, rings or pendants. Or go for one of the more traditional unique baby gifts of a silver baby cup and spoon set or a religious silver cross pendant. Make your silver baby gift truly special by having your item engraved with baby's name or initials. Baby gifts like this will be kept as heirloom pieces. To make a unique baby gift like this extra special, include a drawstring bag or other container for storing.

What makes the unique baby gift you give stand out from the others? It‘s the little thoughtful extras that make all the difference. Transform simple baby gifts such as a baby book into a "Remembering the Moment" unique baby gift basket, by adding a copy of the local newspaper from the day the baby was born, copies of Time and People magazines from the week the baby was born, a current postage stamp, and a sales flyer from the local grocery store to the baby gifts basket. Twenty years from now, the parents and grown child will have fun looking back at this most wonderful unique baby gift of all, and seeing everything from the price of a dozen eggs to who the hot celebrities were back when junior was a baby.

Make sure to include everything the new parents need to make the unique baby gift work, like batteries, and include your full name and address on the baby gifts card. After 36 hours of labor and two weeks of sleep deprivation, a new mommy can't be counted on to remember her own last name, let alone yours.


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