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Baby Name Ideas

Where do you get good baby name ideas? Just keep your eyes and ears open. Be aware of names you see in the newspaper or a novel or magazine you are reading. Television is a marvelous source of good baby name ideas. And don’t forget to ask family and friends for names they can think of.


Keep a list called “Baby Name Ideas” handy and add new names as they come to you. Divide this baby name idea list into several sections: popular, traditional, trendy and family. It will also help to make two separate lists with these categories, one for the first baby name ideas and one for the middle baby name ideas.

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Scour the magazines and TV shows for popular names. Check out the social security list of baby names for the last several years. It will give you baby name ideas for your popular list. Find trendy baby name ideas from the Hollywood stars. They are always the first to name their babies the latest and hottest names. Write these baby name ideas on the trendy list.


Traditional baby name ideas are found everywhere. If it is a name that has been around for a decade or more, it is traditional. There can be crossovers of these names with the popular and even the trendy categories. Just decide which list you want to put them on.

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The family category can consist of names you know of that family members have. This is a great time to do some research on the family tree. Go back as far as possible. You will gain some great insights into your family history that can be passed on to your new baby. Call grandparents, great aunts and uncles and even cousins that might have researched the family tree when doing their own search for baby name ideas. Write these names under the family category. Also write down any good stories they might have about the relative that possessed that name.

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As time gets closer to the birth, choose three to five names that really call to you and your partner. Practice saying the names in different situations such as calling your child to dinner, introducing the child to his teachers or hearing the child’s name announced for a reward.


Finally, choose the baby name idea that best fits your new baby when he/she arrives.

Happy Baby Naming!

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