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Unique Baby Names

What's In A Baby's Name?

...a lifetime, thatís what! After all, from the unusual and unique baby names you might choose from for your brand new bundle of joy, one of those baby names will accompany and, perhaps, define your son or daughter for a century or so. Parents throughout time have tirelessly debated one another, lobbying for or against particular unusual baby names. Theyíve been known to join forces against the savage tyranny of well-meaning, busy-body grandparents who mistakenly believe they should have their say in the matter of baby names, and choosing the baby's unique name. Regardless of the circumstances, parents should ultimately choose their baby names that THE CHILD can actually enjoy having...unique baby names with some staying power, baby names that are pleasant sounding, baby names free of potential for ridicule from nasty playground creeps.

Unique Baby Names Hints.

1. Accentuate the positive.

When considering baby names, choose one that conjures up pleasant thoughts and carries a definition that is meaningful to you. Remember, your babyís name will cast a strong first impression so choose carefully from your ultimate list of baby names.

We suggest this unscientific (but reasonably accurate) experiment to rule out loser unusual baby names. Take the top 2 or 3 baby names from your list to a busy playground. Yell the baby names out loud, one at a time. If too many children turn around, you might consider that baby name popular and overused. If people look at you like youíre crazy, you may want to reconsider. This is a strong indication that your child may never forgive you sticking him with a weirdo name that no one can pronounce.

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2. Give the kid some unique baby names rhythm.

Look for rhythm when reviewing your list of baby names.  Your babyís first name should correspond with the rhythm of the last .

As a rule of baby names thumb, the number of syllables in the first name should differ from the last name. For instance, Andre Gray creates better rhythm than Tom Gray.

If you have a common or easy-to-pronounce last name (i.e. Smith, Jones, Brown), from the list of baby names you are considering, choose an unusual or long first name that complements the last name nicely. As one web visitor suggested, a long or unusual first name can spice up the sound of the whole darn thing, i.e. Dakota Smith, Lucinda Brown and Sharona Flynn.

3. Be careful what you spell when creating unique baby names.

Check the combination of initials of the first, middle and last of the baby names. Do they spell something that could cause the child a lifetime of baby names misery and costly therapy bills? For example, the name Harold Oliver Goldman may have a pleasant ring to it, but the initials spell HOG! This child would most likely seek parental retribution. If youíre stuck on the name but the initials spell trouble, try reversing the first and middle baby names, and use the middle name on a daily basis.

Also, be aware of baby names where first and last name combination forms other words. For example, you might not want to name your little guy Scott if your last name is Land. His full name would be Scott Land and people might confuse him with the country!

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4. Choose the pronunciation and spelling of popular baby names.

Unusual pronunciations of unusual baby names can be attention-getters, but chances are your child will constantly be correcting people. On the other hand, an unusual spelling of common baby names may create distinction. (Just remember, personalized items may be impossible to find for unusual baby names and spellings, or may require special ordering.)

5. Honor thy family member, friend or favorite hero/heroine (cartoon or otherwise) for baby names.

Scour your family history for characters worthy of honor. Consider using their same name, a variation of the name, or a name beginning with the first initial when considering baby names. For example, our first child's middle name is Angie, named after my grandmother's sister, Angelina. What a great connection weíve created to her past. CAUTION: Beware of the hazardous baby names minefield planted by generations of unseemly family politics.

Another thought for baby names is to name the baby after someone famous. When the child is older, explain who you named her after and why - you may find the baby names story becomes a family legend, retold for generations to come. You may choose a sports star, an actress or an entrepreneur. Donít be surprised if "Tiger" (Golfer Tiger Woods) becomes "the" top in baby names for the millennium.

6. What about nicknames for unique baby names?

Consider selecting from baby names one that has many nicknames and variations. For example, Elizabeth has several nicknames including Liz, Beth, Lizzy, etc. Using nicknames for baby names allows your child control of his/her name when they are older. On the flip side, less desirable nicknames for baby names can haunt a person long into adulthood. Can you picture the leader of the computer revolution being called "Billy"?

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7. Avoid letter redundancy between baby names.

Often, first and last baby names with the same beginning letter do not sound as well together as baby names beginning with different sounds. Likewise, if the one name ends with a vowel, the other will probably sound better ending in a consonant.  AVOID RHYMES at all cost. Your baby will thank you someday.

8. Rules of Suffix Engagement for Baby Names

If you choose to use a popular baby names suffix, be sure not to make a faux pas. Just follow these rules and you wonít step on any toes...dead or alive.  All three baby names, including the first, middle and last need to be the same as the previous generation. So, if you want to avoid using Jr., III, etc., then select a different middle name. All parties need to be living. If grandpa (Sr.), dad (Jr.) and son (III) have the same full name and grandpa dies, then dad becomes Sr. and son becomes Jr.

9. For those who still donít have a unique baby names clue...

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Try geographical locations or seasons for baby names ideas. Travis, Austin, April....etc. You could even put a family baby names spin by selecting a place that is special to the family. For example, Paton could represent Paton, LA. or perhaps Houston, Alexandria or Athena.

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Try a version of a baby's name that relates to a different ethnic group. For example, Juan is Spanish for John. Ian is Scottish for John, etc.

Try selecting baby names from a certain era in time that interests you. Perhaps the turn-of-the-century (early 1900ís) or the Ď60ís captures your attention. Check the lower part of this page for popular baby names throughout the 20th century.

Try choosing two or more words to create unique baby names. By separating two words into syllables and combining the syllables in a different order, you can create new baby names. You can even scramble words to create new baby names. For example, Sarita comes from combining the names Sam and Rita.

Try using momís maiden name or other family member's last name as a middle name. This strategy provides an opportunity to honor a family member without taking the first name position and is a great way to settle the baby names selection between parents.

10. Mumís the word.

Here comes perhaps the most important baby names hint of all! Shhhh... If you donít want everyone from Aunt Edith to the local butcher putting in their two cents about your baby name, keep this very important announcement to yourselves until the baby is born, or baby names have been narrowed to a few. After all, you donít want to forever mark your childís birthday as the trigger for World War III.

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By the way, if you have already found the perfect baby name, but it does not follow any of these hints, use it anyway. You like the name and that is the most important rule of all.  Also, when your time comes and you need items like baby gifts and baby clothes, be sure to come back to  At the bottom of this page you will find navigation buttons to many lovely gift and clothing items for yours or anyone else's baby or child! Baby Name Meaning.

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