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Personalized Baby Blankie & Travel Baby Silkys
Handmade Baby Blankies, Monogrammed Chenille Baby Silky Baby Blanket!

Personalized Baby Blankies - babies everywhere love to cuddle and hold something that becomes their security lovie. These personalized security blankets make wonderful lovies in wonderful soft and silky fabrics.

Our custom baby blankies are designed and created by us. Our other security blankets like baby travel silkys silkies come from dependable manufacturers like Gund and Cherish and Joy  who know alot about babies and their preference in personalized baby blankies. Our hand made travel silky baby blankets are lovingly designed and built, attractively packaged - each custom baby blankie in it's own special way, and sent to your own family, friends, or business associates and the new baby they've just had. Have these special security blankets and travel silky baby blankets monogrammed with baby's name for an personalized favorite baby blankie.

Choose a baby blankie for its fabric texture or its cuteness.  Babies seem to love the smooth  satins and fuzzy fabrics that our  secrity blankets, satin silky baby blankets, and personalized baby blankies are made out of.  These personalized baby blankies  will in time become a constant companion to the new baby.

Good quality is a must for a security blanket that will be carried and loved for years. We've designed our personalized baby blankies to be large enough to work, and cute enough to be loved!  Make sure and purchase an extra silky baby blanket in case of accidental loss! Baby will be upset if his security blanket gets left at grandma's!

We will keep up with new styles and designs of security blankets, personalized baby blankies and silky baby blankets and add them to our website as soon as they become available. Keep checking with us for the latest in personalized baby blankies, security blankets and silky baby blankets!

Minky Tabbie Lovie -in bright colors- a personalized baby gift must have for every posh baby !!! Luxuriously soft minky dot fabric...Click photo for detail or to buy personalized baby blankie!

Minky Tabbie Blankie in Bright colors

Pastel Minky Tabbie Lovie - a personalized baby gift must have for every posh baby !!! Luxuriously soft minky dot fabric...Click photo for detail or to buy security blankets!

Cherish & Joy soft security baby blanket cow travel silky - the cow theme never gets old and here is a fresh version  Click photo for detail or to buy travel silky baby blanketsS!

gund tender beginnings blanket bluegund tender beginnings blanket pink

Gund Tender Beginnings Minky Blanket- a beautiful gift to welcome that newborn into the world. Click photo for detail or to buy security blankets!

 Gund Winky HuggyBuddy - Adorable silky soft fuzzy lamb security blanket for baby to cuddle...Click photo for detail or to buy security blankets!

cherish and joy baby blankets

Modern, luscious cherish and joy baby blankies will wow any new Mom and cuddle any new baby right to sleep.  Click photo for detail or to buy silky baby blankets!

Beautiful, baby blankie snowy white Jesus Loves Me Comfy Cozy lamb wrap for baby to cuddle with...Click photo for detail or to  buy security blankets!

Silky Soft Velvet Patchwork travel silky- pink, butter, and sage velvet patches.   Click photo for detail or to buy security blankets!

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