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Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

Potty training has been dreaded by millions of parents over the centuries. Not only is it a time of intense rebellion by the toddler, but it also takes an enormous amount of time and energy on the part of the parents. This is where potty training tips come in handy! Psychologists give us guilt trips about “messing up” our children for life with improper potty training techniques, and older relatives give us scowls when little Scotty at three still resists potty training!

Various potty training methods and hundreds of potty training tips are available to the parents who are seeking advice. Many books have been written with countless potty training tips, but it all comes down to making sure the child and you are ready, and to make it fun. The secret to potty training is a no pressure atmosphere where children believe they are in control and making the decisions.

Dr Phil potty training tips have changed the way parents potty train their toddlers through potty training with a doll. One of the key aspects Dr. Phil potty training tips and process is to use a potty training doll that wets. Dr. Phil says that using an anatomically correct doll that wets helps you to demonstrate for the child how to go potty.

The following potty training tips contain Dr. Phil potty training directions to potty train your child in one day.

Potty Training Tips 1: Anatomically Correct Drink & Wet Doll - Your child will learn to go the potty by teaching the doll. Have your child name the doll and give it something to drink and watch the doll go potty together.

Potty Training Tips 2: Have a Potty Party - When the doll successfully goes potty, throw a potty party! Make it a huge bash with party hats, horns and really celebrate. Give lots of attention to the doll so that your child understands that going potty is a good thing. Let your child know that when he/she goes potty, your child will have a potty party too. Not only that, buy tell your child that he/she gets to call his/her favorite superior to tell them what they just did!

Potty Training Tips 3: Big Kid Underwear - At the beginning of the process you placed "big kid" underwear on your child's doll. Now it's time to take away the diapers and put "big kid" underwear on your child.

Potty Training Tips 4: Drink Lots of Fluids - Give your child plenty of fluids to drink. The sooner he/she has to go potty, the sooner you can begin potty training. Note: Using liquids also apply to potty training for bowel movements

Potty Training Tips 5: Nine Trips to The Potty - Ask your child if he/she needs to go potty. If he/she says "no", it's okay because you've given your child plenty of fluids, he/she will soon need to go. If your child has an accident in his/her underwear, don't scold him/her. You want this to be a positive experience. Instead, take your child to the potty, pull his/her underwear down, and have your child sit down. This builds muscle memory and your child will eventually go.

Potty Training Tips 6: Call Super Hero - When your child successfully goes potty, throw him/her a potty party. Most importantly, your child can now call his/her favorite Super Hero and tell the hero about what he/she just did! Enlist the help of a friend or relative to play the hero and take the phone call. When your child has an accident, simply take him/her to the bathroom nine times in a row as you did before. This will continue to build muscle memory. And don't forget to keep up the positive reinforcement.

Note: This information on potty training tips came directly from Dr. Phil's article, “Potty Train Your Child in One Day”.



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